We recently started what we called HYDRATE AND HEAL for all our patients who had symptoms of dry eye – redness, watery eyes, itching, occasional blurry vision and peppery/sandy sensation and our patients are already seeing the results!

A patient (names withheld) said, “It’s only been 3 weeks that I’ve been using these 2 step protocol, and my eyes feel so much better!”

He had been struggling with symptoms of dry eyes for months. He booked a consultation where we recommended the steps in his treatment plan. And, he started working the steps right away.

Just a few weeks later, he started feeling relief and was able to have his eyes feel normal most of the day. 

The basis of the treatment plan is the 2-Simple products we recommend to our patients all the time to care for your eyes daily. These products are very convenient especially if you are on the go.

Taking these steps will help you to restore and maintain healthy, comfortable eyes and clear vision.

#1) Hydrate: Artificial Tears

Revive your tired eyes by hydrating from the inside as well as the outside. Hydrate from the inside by proper fluid intake to allow you produce enough tears to bathe your eyes in moisture.

Hydrate from From the OUTSIDE: Soothe your eyes from the outside by adding extra lubrication. Using preservative-free artificial tear drops several times a day to keep your eyes moist.

Preservative-free tears are great to restore moisture to the front surface of the eye without adding harmful preservatives. When using an electronic device and blinking less, the tears will evaporate more quickly.

Using a preservative-free tear is important to eliminate ingredients that could cause more irritation. In addition, an artificial tear like EVOLVE Hypromellose will keep moisture on your eye longer than other tears. Plus, these are safe to use while you are wearing contact lenses. Use the drops up to four times daily.

#2) Heal: Dry Eye Supplement

Repair your eyes from the stresses of your life. Stress increases inflammation, throughout your body. Inflammation means swelling, redness and pain and when our bodies swell, they hurt. Just think about the last time you accidentally got your finger caught in the door and it swelled up two times its size. Ouch!

The cause of inflammation in your eyes is not always easy to see. Sometimes the cause is within our bodies. And, sometimes the cause is from outside sources like the preservatives and chemicals in our eye drops, contact lens cleaners, and eye makeup.

Anti-inflammatory treatments will reduce the discomfort. redness and irritation in your eyes. Taking an anti-inflammatory supplement ensures you are taking an active role to bring down the levels of inflammation.

Using a nutritional supplement works from the inside out to help promote healthy tear glands, and support normal tear production.

Many dry eye sufferers lack the proper balance of fatty acids that are metabolized by the body. Lipotriad Dry Eye contains an enhanced blend of natural triglyceride fish oil, organic flax seed and natural vitamin E to achieve maximum tear production and reduce inflammation.

Take 2 soft gel capsules twice daily with food. Taking these soft gels daily with a meal will help reduce irritation, and support all three layers of the tear film.


Every good dry eye treatment protocol starts with an at-home treatment regimen aimed at keeping your eyes’ health top of mind. Performing these 2 steps on a daily basis will go a long way in healing your eyes and helping them to stay hydrated and comfortable.

This daily practice is as simple as brushing and flossing your teeth. And, we have all learned to do this daily since we were old enough to hold a toothbrush.

Why should you treat the delicate structures of your eyes with any less care than what you are already showing to your teeth? Your teeth can be replaced. But, your vision is irreplaceable. Take care of your eyes today. Your future self will thank you.