Eye Care Tips For The Holidays

With less than 2 weeks till the holidays, we can bet that many of you are now well and truly in the spirit and ready for the holidays in company of our friends and family.

 However, there are still a few things to bear in mind while you are having fun celebrating. Certain things such as alcohol, or even the dust in the air can harm your vision and eye health.

 Make sure you follow our top eye care tips at home below to ensure your eyes remain healthy throughout the festive season.

  1.  Eat eye-friendly festive foods:

This is a time where dieting isn’t really taken into consideration, and for good reason! It’s the one time of the year when people can happily indulge in delicious festive food without feeling too guilty about it. 

However, certain foods such as turkey, Fish and green leafy vegetables are known to benefit your vision and eye health as they are packed full of vitamins and nutrients like omega-3 fatty acid, lutein and zeaxanthin. 

Try to include some of these foods in your meals to ensure your eyes are receiving all the nutrients they need to function properly.

2.  Moderating your alcohol consumption:

It’s very common for people to consume alcohol in excess this time. 

Be careful of your  alcohol consumption, however, as alcohol is known to have negative effects on the eyes.

 Drinking too much alcohol can cause dry eyes, distorted vision, and migraines.

Try to stick to the recommended daily limit when drinking this season to avoid nasty hangover.

3. Using eye drops:

During the dry season, the increased heat outdoors is the biggest culprits behind dry eye syndrome, which can leave your eyes feeling dry, gritty and sore.

Eye drops will keep your eyes lubricated and can help alleviate any irritation. Don’t let dry eyes ruin your festive fun!

4.  Wearing sunglasses: 

The dry season can lead to excess tearing, light sensitivity, redness, exposure to allergens and changes in vision.

 Wearing sunglasses outdoors can reduce your risk of developing these conditions, as the sun’s UV rays can still impact our eye health outdoors especially during beach outings which expose us to more UV through reflective water surface.

5.  Practising good eye makeup hygiene:

 Christmas season is the perfect time to get into the party spirit  with many Christmas and End of Year parties happening across the festive period. Many of us enjoy getting dressed up and wearing makeup to attend these Christmas parties.

 However, if good hygiene habits are not followed while wearing eye makeup, contact lenses and false lashes, the chances of developing an eye infection are much higher. 

If you’re dressing up for Christmas this year and going for a fancy makeup look, avoid sharing eye makeup with others. 

This can cause cross-contamination, spreading bacteria that may lead to an eye infection. 

You should also dispose of your eye makeup every three months, as this can put you at risk of contracting conjunctivitis.

 It’s not exactly the Christmas gift you want!

We hope you’re all looking forward to a lovely  break.

By following our helpful eye care tips at home, you can make the most of the holidays while knowing that your eye health and vision are being cared for.